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    Q. What kinds of transfers can I make? A. Three kinds of transfers are available: Immediate - A transfer that is attempted immediately. One-time - A transfer that is made on the date you specify. Automatic - A recurring transfer that occurs at your specified frequency as many times as you indicate.

    Q. Do transfers always occur on the day or date I designate? A. One-time transfers always occur on the date you designate. Recurring transfers are scheduled transfers set up to happen on the same day or date each month (for example: each 15th). If one of these recurring dates falls on a non-business day (such as a weekend or Federal holiday), the transfer is processed on the preceding business day.

    Q. How far in advance can I set up a transfer? A. You may set up a one-time or automatic transfer as much as 18 months in advance.

    Q. What kinds of accounts allow transfer activity? A. Allowed transfers may vary based on the rules for your account types. Some transfers are not allowed, such as a transfer to or from a CD.

    Q. Why do I get a confirmation number when I make a transfer? A. Confirmation numbers are provided for all confirmed or modified transfers. This is your assurance that a transfer will be processed. It is also a reference number that can be used for requesting research.

    Q. Do I have to re-enter transfers each month? A. You can set up automatic transfers of the same amount so you do not have to re-enter them each month.

    Q. Is there a cutoff time for me to delete or change a transfer? A. You can review, change or cancel a transfer at any time. If the transfer is scheduled for the current day, the change or cancellation must be done before daily settlement time (2PM Eastern Time). The system displays an error message if you attempt to modify a transfer after this deadline has passed.

    Q. Is there a way to see previous transfers? A. Transfer history is retained for 18 months. You may search for past transfers by using one or a combination of the following:

    To or From account number Transfer Date
    Transfer Amount
    Confirmation Number

    Q. How will I know if an automatic transfer instruction has expired? A. You will receive a Final Transfer secure message notifying you that the last scheduled transfer has been processed. You can reschedule your transfer if you wish to continue it.


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