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  • Jennifer N.
    Proud Member since 1990
    Jose Franjul: Account Executive I Jose was SO helpful, so thoughtful, and so kind. He was calm, professional, and offered me step-by-step instruction for resolving the fraudulent charges to my account. Additionally, he answered questions for my regarding information that I needed for my new home purchase. I could not be more impressed/satisfied with his customer service skills and my interactions with him have been wonderful. Please, please share my feedback and my most sincere gratitude with him.
  • Juan V.
    Proud member since 2009
    I would like to thank Mr. Rohden for his advice and Nicole Frausto of Space Credit Union for going out of her way to help me complete the loan process, I am very happy with the outcome of our transaction. Thanks again.
  • Valerie & Monica C.
    Valerie & Monica C.
    Proud Members Since 2013
    My mother and I would like to recognize and thank Hector Moreno, our loan officer, for doing an outstanding job and making our car buying experience with Space City Credit Union an exceptional event. Hector was very responsive and gave us personal attention to questions that we had, he was available and never rushed. Hector offered to meet us at the dealership on his time off to answer any additional questions and help understand the process -- which actually surprised me, but it proved how he cared about his clients. We are so please with our experience and look forward to referring our friends and family to Space City Credit Union. Thank you Hector and Space City Credit Union, we appreciate you!
  • Andrew G.
    Andrew G.
    Proud Member Since 2012
    We now have three loans with Space City Credit Union and keep going back for one reason…their fast-moving, meticulous, competitive, and professional means of not only getting a loan finalized with the best interest rates but making sure the dealerships have their paperwork in order. Paula takes the lead with the salesperson and makes sure her clients get exactly what was negotiated, ensuring the sale is in the same order as discussed. We have never been more satisfied with a bank/credit union. We moved away from Houston 6 months ago and still look to Space City Credit Union . Even 250+ miles away, Paula didn't flinch when we told her we were ready to purchase a car…she did what she has always done for us… took the bull by the horns and steered us to driving away with a car we love. Thanks Space City Credit Union!
  • Tony O.
    Tony O.
    Proud Member Since 2007
    Dear Space City CU: I want to thank Space City CU and Victoria for making my car buying experience a breeze. When I decided I was ready for a new truck I simply called the credit union and Victoria pre-approved me over the phone, and gave me the "Dealer Select List". I called Paul Fisher at Auto Nation and since Paul is on Space City's approved dealer's list, and he's a fleet manager, I didn't have to deal with a rookie or retail sales person. Victoria and Paul made my experience simple and fast. The last time I bought a truck I spent all day at the dealer, haggling over price and options, and it was a generally miserable experience. This time I used Space City and the Dealer Select List (Paul Fisher and Auto Nation) and they made it easy and hassle free. I saved time and money! I'm sold on Space City CU!
  • Margaret & Craig
    Margaret & Craig
    Proud Members Since 1998
    Dear Space City CU, We would like to say thank you to Paula, our loan officer with Space City Credit Union, for making our Dreams come true and our summer's an amazing vacation getaway. The credit union has made our Dreams become a reality with the purchase of our new boat for weekend water fun, the kids are learning how to surf and wakeboard now….Thanks Paula!! We also, have purchased our new Tahoe and our New Camper so we can now travel to all the different Lakes here in Texas, what a Great way to have Quality Family Time, we couldn't of done it without our Credit Union.
  • Frank R. and Olivia C.
    Frank R. and Olivia C.
    Proud Members Since 2009
    Dear Space City Credit Union: Thank you so much Nicole and Space City Credit Union for financing our motorcycle! A special thank you for making the nervous seller feel comfortable and making the transaction smooth. We do all our loans with Nicole and Space City CU and we always feel so comfortable. Again, thank you for all your help. Nicole is an awesome Account Executive!!!!
  • Holli V.
    Holli V.
    Proud New Member Since 2014
    We went back to the place we were married yesterday to remember why we married each other and how our love can overcome anything kind of a renewal. This is a picture of us on Lake Whitney just 50 yards from where we were married. We are so very thankful for all your help and you have been so amazing with us. We appreciate all you have done and look forward to continue working with you and Space City CU for many more years in the future.
  • Jim K.
    Jim K.
    Proud Member Since 1989
    To Paula Newkirk: The boat you helped me buy in November, 2011 has been more family fun than I would have ever imagined.
  • Yvette G.
    Yvette G.
    Proud Member since 2002
    Space City was quick and easy with loan process. Our interest rate was outstanding! Thank you Space City Staff for your kind service!
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