Space City Credit Union does not currently offer business lending. We do, however, offer personal loans for your small business needs up to $25,000 for qualified borrowers.  This type of loan is again, personal, and not made to the business, but made to you. You may use the funds however you like.  Please complete a loan application on the web site or call a loan officer today and we can take your application over the phone.

As Space City CU grows, we may expand into more business lending. But as of this date we are not equipped for large business lending.

If you have a need for a business loan we don’t offer, we can offer you a referral to a qualified business-bank who makes business loans in our area. Just complete the contact form to the right and someone will respond asap.

Thank you for your membership and understanding. Space City is growing fast and always looking to add value to your membership.

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