Check Free Bill Pay lets you pay your bills online through your Online Banking. You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit, even if you do not receive bills from the company or person you want to pay.

We know you will enjoy the many benefits of Online Bill Pay including:

  • Get reminders of when bills are due or scheduled to come out of your account all in one place!
  • Online Security- The highest level of technology has been put in place to provide you with peace of mind and to ensure your account is safe and secure.
  • Saving Time and Money- No stamps. No hassle. No more checks to write. All of your payee information is stored in one location, and many of the payments can be made electronically the same day or the next day.
  • Simple and Quick Setup- You can set up a payee in less than 3 minutes and start paying your bills online immediately.
  • Access through web browser or our Mobile Banking app
  • Fast payment and rush payments available*


Key Features:

Transfer Money

  • Person to Person – with Zelle (Coming May 20, 2021)
  • Institution to Institution - If you have another financial institution you need to transfer funds between, this option is perfect for you. Whether it is a one-time transfer or a recurring transfer, Account to Account transfers can help you simplify life a little bit more. You must be an account owner on both accounts involved in the transaction.


Payment Center

  1. Keep track of your scheduled payments and payment activity.
  2. Edit, Review, and Pay Merchants from your list
  3. Review Recent or Pending Payments
  4. Request Bills Electronically
  5. Set up Bill Reminders
  6. Merchant Accounts

Bill Discovery

  • You can select bills from hundreds of local and national companies with our Bill Discovery Software
  • Receive your bill statements online, instead of through the mail. Your bills can even be sent directly to your e-mail address or appear in your CheckFree site.
  • You can see the amount you owe, the due date, view the bill detail, and pay the bill. Each month you'll receive a reminder e-mail to login and review each new bill.

Bill History

  • View payments and bills for different date ranges

*Rush and overnight payment subject to fee determined at time of payment. See CheckFree terms of service for details.

¹Virtual Branch services are free. However, due to the high cost of providing Virtual Branch and Check Free Bill Pay, it will be disabled 90 days after the service is established if not used.

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