Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I open a checking account?
A checking account is a great way to store your money. This type of account also helps you keep track of your spending: you can easily view your daily transactions online, through our automated phone teller, or keep track of them in your account register. Checking accounts are also very convenient. As mentioned previously, your paycheck can be deposited into a checking account to help you pay bills and make purchases without cash.

How much does it cost to open a Checking Account?
It’s Free!

What is a VISA debit card? Is it a credit card?
VISA debit cards look just like credit cards, however a debit card is linked directly to your checking account instead of a line of credit. This assists you in budgeting to avoid overspending.

Are deposits into my checking account Federally Insured?
Yes, deposits into both your Checking and Savings are Federally Insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

What Overdraft Protection options come with a Star Checking Account?
One option is our Overdraft Protection plan, which features automatic funds transfer from your savings account to your checking account as needed. Another option is our Courtesy Pay Privilege, which gives you up to $500.00 in extra funds with which to overdraw your account. You can also link a line of credit of up to $10,000 to your checking account to assist you with Overdrafts.

To activate your new debit card please call: 866-333-9337

To report your debit card as lost or stolen please call: 800-472-3272

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