We know you have “options” for your checking account. That’s why Space City Credit Union offers free checking accounts to our members. Checking accounts are free for all members who:

  • Perform at least 5 transactions with their Space City Credit Union debit card during the calendar month and
  • Have logged in to their online banking account within the last three months and
  • Have signed up for free e-statements.
  • If members do not meet this criteria, they will be charged $5 per month.

Fee exemptions:
Members with an aggregate loan or account balance of $10,000 or more. Those 21 and under and 65 or older.

If members do not meet this criteria, they will be charged $5 per month.

Checking Accounts with Space City CU:

  • $50 to open or $0 with Direct Deposit
  • No Per Check Fees
  • No Minimum Balance
  • FREE Visa Check Card – make purchases quickly and easily with an Space City Credit Union VISA Check Card
  • FREE Overdraft Protection
  • FREE E-Statements
  • Monthly Statement
  • Free Online Banking – make your life easier by turning any PC into a virtual Space City Credit Union branch – view your checks online, access your statements and more.
  • Free Bill Pay -pay bills anytime, anyplace there’s a personal computer.
  • Overdraft Protection – Several overdraft protection plans are available with no service charge. Unlimited transfers may be made from your personal line of credit loan (up to available credit limit). Our overdraft protection plans include automatic transfer from any of the following: savings account, personal line of credit/overdraft protection loan, or a combination of loan
  • Automated Transaction Services – save time and energy with direct deposit, payroll deductions and more
  • Federally insured deposits
  • Debit Cards Rewards Program
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