Courtesy Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all of my transactions clear my account in the order in which I made them?

A: No. For example, most ATM transactions clear immediately when made. However, if you used your VISA Check Card’s “credit” or “signature” based side, it may take a few days to clear your account. Still, when you authorize transactions it will be reflected in your available balance.

Q: Can I use Courtesy Pay with home banking, audio response teller or while doing a service center transactions?

A: No, but you may make a withdrawal from your checking account up to your Courtesy Pay limit at the main branch over the counter, subject to the Courtesy Pay fee.

Q: Can I opt-out of Courtesy Pay?

A: Sure, just send us a signed authorization letter and we will deactivate Courtesy Pay on your account. If you wish to reactivate Courtesy Pay at a later date there will be a charge to do so.

Q: Should I use Courtesy Pay every week if I need to?

A: Probably not. Courtesy Pay is a service that will cover inadvertent overdrafts but could become expensive if used every week.

Q: What other forms of overdraft protection do you offer?

A: We offer overdraft from your savings or a line of credit. Your savings uses your own money so it has little or no cost. A line of credit must be applied for and interest charges on the outstanding balance will accrue. These two forms of overdraft protection are cheaper than Courtesy Pay.

Q: Will all items presented against my account be paid no matter what?

A: No. The credit union holds the right to pay or return items at our discretion. Generally, items will be paid up to your Courtesy Pay limit, including all fees.

Q: Is Courtesy Pay a “free” service?

A: No. Courtesy Pay is a “fee based” service designed to save you the embarrassment and expense of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees. If used properly Courtesy Pay will save you time and money.

Q: Do the fees charged deduct from my Courtesy Pay limit?

A: Yes. The total amount of items paid in addition together with fees are deducted from your account.

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