Q:  I’m closing on a mortgage purchase, and I need to wire funds to the title company. How can I wire funds to closing? Click here for our wire page.

A:  The day before you close, or even maybe two days, you should receive a Closing Disclosure from the title company. The disclosure will detail the transaction, including fees and how much you need to wire. Once you have disclosure, you can send us the wire form, someone from member services can send you our wire form to complete. For same day wire, our cut off time is 3;30PM CST (2:00PM International) To be safe, you will want to either wire the funds the day before, or the morning of closing. But please check with your title company for specific instructions. If they will allow it, you may always bring a cashier’s check to closing – it is easier and faster. But check with your title company first.

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