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Log in to your Online Banking > Self Service > Select E-Notices and follow the prompts.

Space City Credit Union now offers the option of electronic notices. Opt in for e-notices to have electronic notices delivered to your inbox instead of paper notices to your mailbox. CD maturity, end of year tax and IRA, return notices and more can all be delivered electronically. These notices are available days sooner through your online banking inbox and will be archived for 400 days. Go green today by opting in for e-notices and declutter your mailbox.

When a notice is ready for you to review, you will receive an email that prompts you to log into your online banking account to retrieve the notice. You can opt in to receive some notices via e-notices and others in paper form in you prefer. A list of notice types available for e-notices can be found below:

  • Overdraft Notices
  • Courtesy Pay Opt-In Notices
  • Certificate Maturity & Renewal Notices
  • Non-Sufficient Funds & Return Item Notices
  • Late Loan Payment & Delinquency Notices
  • IRA Notices – 5498 contribution notices and 1099R Distribution Notices
  • 1099INT – Loan Interest Income (for members who earn $10 or more in dividends)
  • And more!
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