Log in to your Online Banking > Click the Finance Wizard tab > Follow the prompts to enroll

Finance Wizard is a financial tool available inside of your Space City Credit Union online banking account. It works similar to other software that aggregates your online banking accounts all into one place. With over 19,000 vendors to choose from, you can add department store cards, other banking accounts, investment/retirement accounts and more. This eliminates the need for you to log in to each account separately.


Finance Wizard has many other convenient features:

Set Budgets – Set and track personal spending goals

Calculate Net Worth – Update propertyvalues, retirement accounts, and more.

Import Other Accounts – Import balances from more than 19,000 other financial institutions.


Track Spending Habits – Sort by category to see where your money is going.


With Space City Credit Union’s Finance Wizard, you can create a budget, track spending, and set savings goals through your online banking.

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