How do I earn points?
You can earn points for all qualifying purchases (less returns) by using your check card to pay for gas, food, merchandise, and other goods and services. You will receive 1 point for each full $2 spent on a signature based transaction with your Space City CU VISA Check Card.

What is a “signature based” transaction?
When using your check card to make a purchase, you usually have the option of making a “debit” transaction or a “credit” transaction. In order for the transaction to be a “signature-based” transaction, you must choose “credit” and sign for the purchase. In addition, most debit card transactions done by phone, mail, or internet are considered signature-based, even though you do not actually sign anything.

**When at the store if the machine automatically asks for your PIN after you swipe your card press cancel and the signature line will come up for you to sign and the transaction will be processed as a signature-based transaction. Many stores automatically ask for the PIN in attempt to force the purchaser to input their PIN so the transaction will be processed as a PIN or POS transaction. PIN or POS transactions will not earn reward points.**

What is a “PIN based” transaction?
When using your check card to make a purchase, you would select “debit” and enter your PIN to complete the purchase. “Pin Based” transactions will not generate Reward Points, ALWAYS select “Credit” to earn points.

Do I earn points for transactions at an ATM?
Points cannot be earned on personal banking transactions such as ATM withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiries, transfers, and cash advances.

When do I begin earning points?
You begin earning points immediately. Your point balance will be updated by the 10th day of each month reflecting the points you earned throughout the previous month. You can check your points earned by going to, entering your username and password, and then clicking “My Account” on the navigation bar.

Will I be charged any fees or interest?
There are no fees to participate in the rewards program but there may be processing fees applied to the redemption of some rewards.

What can I redeem my points for?
You may redeem your points for merchant certificates, hotel stays, airline tickets, and many other valuable items.

How do I redeem points?
For gift cards, merchandise, and other certificates, simply log in to

When can I begin redeeming points?
As soon as you have earned a minimum of 1,500 points, or you can continue to accumulate points for bigger rewards.

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