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We refunded $175,000 to our members in 2022!

Space City Credit Union is pleased to announce its 2022 bonus refund to members. On December 31, 2022, members who had *loans with us in 2022 will receive a 3% interest refund directly deposited to their savings account.

Additionally, checking account holders in good standing receive bonus rewards points throughout the year when using their Space City debit card. Last year, Space City CU gave back a combined loan and checking bonus refund of $175,000 to members!

Checking account holders are eligible for reward points - redeemable for gift cards, travel vouchers, electronics, and more! Also, members who had an active loan with Space City Credit Union in 2022 have received an interest refund.

That’s right – we gave back some of the interest you paid on your loan!

Checking Account Rewards
Your checking account rewards and loan interest refund are directly tied to your Space City checking and loan accounts. With our uChoose Debit Card rewards program, checking account holders earn points for qualified debit card transactions. You earn points during the year by using your debit card on the “signature” or "credit" side. The more times you use your debit card, the more points you earn to redeem for rewards. Click here to view and redeem your reward points.

Loan Interest Refund
Additionally, if you had an active *loan with us in 2022, you would receive a 3% refund on the interest you paid on your loan in 2022. This refund will be deposited to your Space City Credit Union savings account on December 31, 2022!  Check your account statement to see how much you received!

We thank you for your continued membership and support of Space City Credit Union. We continue to work hard to ensure we are delivering industry leading products and services to our membership. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about Space City CU – where it pays to be a member!
We look forward to serving you in 2023!

*Loans – not including credit card balances.

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