If you don’t have enough money in the available balance of your checking account to cover a debit card purchase at the time it is presented to us for authorization or a check, bill payment or other type of electronic payment (ACH) at the time it is posted to your account, here’s how to keep that debit card payment from being declined or the other item from being rejected and returned to the merchant.



Designate other accounts, like your savings account, as a backup source of funding. The money pulls automatically – with no delay in payment and no fees for the transfer.



Apply for this line of credit tied to your checking account. If your Overdraft Protection is exhausted, you can dip into your LOC to cover your payment. Interest begins to accrue immediately on the money you borrow, and the transfer fee is only $1!

Click here to apply for a line of credit protection.



Your last line of defense may allow checks, debit card, online and ACH payments to clear by pushing your account into the negative. You’ll be charged an overdraft fee but potentially avoid fees from the merchant.

Courtesy Pay Frequently Asked Questions

* Courtesy Pay is not guaranteed and is not a line of credit.  A check or ACH payment will be rejected if there is insufficient available balance in your account and no Overdraft Protection sources listed above are available and sufficient to cover the item.  If this occurs, you will be charged a Return Item Fee up to the daily overdraft/return item fee limit for each transaction that is rejected.  Note, a merchant may also charge fees for the returned items.   All accounts must be in good standing to qualify for Courtesy Pay. An overdraft fee will be charged for each paid overdraft up to the daily overdraft/return item limit. Certain specialty accounts are not eligible. See your Membership and Account Agreement for details.

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